Monday, September 3, 2012

Enjoy Quench & Soothe Review

Let me start by saying I am so excited to do a review on one of most,  most desirable products not just by me but by friends, family and followers. ENJOY /SKINJOY
         Before I jump right into the products and there details, let me give you a quick gist of what my hair texture is like...So my hair is EXTREMELY thick, Like a lioness lol.. Its long, dark, wavy, dry and has been color dyed for over 13 years. Its has uncontrollable frizz and flyaway's at all times so as you can tell I am in need of some rescuing.. Needless to say I have been a hair product Junky for years and have tired many if not most products and only a few get the job done as well as ENJOY does!

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Enjoy / Skinjoy Quench & Soothe

 Looking for a little relief for dry hair and skin this summer? Check out our Quench and Soothe System featuring three great hair and skin treatment options. 


Eliminate frizz and add shine with ENJOY Shine & Smooth. It provides smoothness and frizz-busting benefits to any style or hair as it locks in moisture while blocking out humidity. ENJOY Hair and Skin Treatment Oil smoothes, conditions and seals hair, leaving an amazing sheen. It penetrates and absorbs quickly into hair and skin, dramatically reducing drying time. It’s great for dry nail cuticles too! Top off your summer hydrating regime with SKINJOY Hand and Body Lotion - A non-greasy formula blended with vitamins and healing ingredients that smoothes, soothes and hydrates hands and body.  Enjoy / Skinjoy Quench & Soothe System – a $67.63 retail value

 Here are the details to each product so you guys can understand each one a little better individually.

ENJOY Hair and Skin Treatment Oil
 Is an incredibly non-greasy, lightweight and alcohol-free formula that instantly penetrates and absorbs into hair and skin, dramatically reducing drying time. Perfect for all hair types, it smoothes, conditions and seals hair, leaving an amazing shine. The 3.4 oz. or 100ml.  bottle of ENJOY Hair and Skin Treatment Oil retails for $29.95.
My Thoughts:   
This stuff is wonderful! I have never found ANY thing for my hair and I was crazy for...until now. I am a wash and wear hair person and I absolutely hate the feeling of product in my hair. I have very long thick wavy hair and only wash it twice a week so styling products end up feeling and looking gross. This product is perfect. Its incredibly light and has a soft pleasant scent.... I have a pour and wipe technique that keeps me from loosing any product. With this oil a little goes a long way. Just pour it in your hands, rub your hands together and start at the ends. I never go above the ears because my hair will start the look a little greasy. Any extra on my hands I just rub into my skin. Voila my hair looks good, frizz free and healthy. This will last a long time. I've had it for a month and the level is still in the neck of the bottle.

 SKINJOY Hand and Body Lotion 
Enjoy SkinJoy Hand & Body Lotion Smoothes, soothes and hydrates hands and body. A non-greasy formula blended with vitamins and healing ingredients. 10oz / 300ml size retails for $17.94 (USD). 
My Thoughts:
I finally had the pleasure of trying the Skinjoy products and let me tell you - I LOVE them! They are such great quality, just like all Enjoy products! It's unique and revolutionary approach to skin care takes the guesswork out of achieving and maintaining great skin. It definitely gives a great hydrating sensation that you can not deny. I have only been using this a couple days now but needless to say the rough spots are softer and in touch and looks. I look forward to continuing the use and replenishing my skin. xoxo

ENJOY Shine & Smooth
 Eliminate frizz and get incredible shine with ENJOY Shine & Smooth. The non-greasy silicone-based formula makes hair soft and silky without weighing it down or building up. It adds instant luster and smoothness to any style or hair type and is great for both hair and skin as it locks in moisture while blocking out humidity. It’s also an amazing skin softener after your favorite moisturizer. ENJOY Shine & Smooth is available in a 4 oz size for $19.74 (USD) retail. 
 My Thoughts: 
  I have used a lot of different shine and smooth products in the past and this one is one of my top favorites. Be careful not to over do it. I use about a penny/nickel size amount working from the bottom of my hair up. Followed by with a brush. You might have to brush your hair again a few min. later, but the results will be amazing. It puts a thin coat over your hair to help prevent damage from your hot blow-dryer. Soft and silky hair with the best shine ever. And not a greasy shine. I got so many complements on my hair when I use this product. Plus it smells great... a fruity smell. The smell does linger, but I kinda like that. When you get a chance to splurge on hair care products, Enjoy is a must try.

Thank You again Purely Visual
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  1. Great review! These sound like awesome products! I have never heard of them until now! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've never heard of them either. I could definitely use anything that will cut down on my hair defying gravity in the humidity. My hair is also annoying thick like lioness or two lol Great review!

  3. I love Enjoy! I have tried their deep conditioner and loved it! I had no idea they had these prodcuts. Super exciting. Great review, I look forward to trying them out in the future:)

  4. The hair oil sounds amazing! I could sure use some on my hair.

  5. Sounds really good! My hair is very thick at times, but I'm selective about what I use since a lot of products don't work for my hair. They either weigh it down or make it really dry and frizzy.

  6. These products sound awesome. I too have very very thick wavy hair and can not ever find a good product.

  7. I've been wanting to try Enjoy products. What a great review.