Friday, February 8, 2013

"Hiding in Sunshine" by John &Caitlin Stuart

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Hiding in Sunshine is the work of a father and daughter duo who reside in the immediate area where these fictional events transpire. John Stuart is a successful high tech entrepreneur. Caitlin Stuart is a student and an aspiring writer with a lifelong love of reading and telling stories. This is their first co-authored novel -- and is proof that a teenager and her dad can indeed collaborate amicably and productively!  $19.95 for paperback copy on

Hiding in Sunshine by John Stuart & Caitlin Stuart

MY THOUGHTS: I absolutely was surprised when I finally finished this book. I am a daily reader and have read hundreds of books and I have to say this one was quite interesting! It started off a tad bit slow but by chapter 3 it was pretty much into details and I was hooked. The plot was intriguing and made it hard to put down. I often found my self making spare time just so I can get in another chapter or two. Not to mention it pro-treys real life events that could or possible have happened to someone. It makes it that much more desirable because the factual content is relate able to today's living. With all that being said this was a fantastic book and will remain in my library or even be passed on to fellow book readers so they can enjoy the Father Daughter Duo, "Hiding in Sunshine", as I did. Thank You again to the Father and Daughter duo, who made this as spectacular as it is!(John Stuart & Caitlin Stuart)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Best Buy's Geek Squad Services ALERT!!!!

We take care of your technology needs — so you don't have to

Geek Squad® offers a variety of protection plans, screen shield installation and setup service for any tablet or iPad®. With our Walk Out Working™ service, a Geek Squad® Agent can set up your new tablet or iPad® immediately after you purchase it in a Best Buy store.

  •  24/7 Help Call 1-800-GEEKSQUAD or chat online with a Geek Squad® Agent.
  • Strength in Numbers You'll find Geek Squad® in every Best Buy store, with over 20,000 Agents nationwide.
  • Flexible, Expert Support We can install or repair thousands of products, no matter where you bought them.

Probably the best service plan in the known universe, Geek Squad Protection is like having an Agent always with you. We'll fix your products if something's wrong and there's a chance we will replace it.

Product Replacement

It’s always the little things. If something goes wrong with anything from your MP3 player to your gaming accessories, we’ll either repair or replace it. See the complete list of everything we cover.

Geek Squad Technical Support Video

MY THOUGHTS: I had the pleasure of setting up a Free 30 minute consultation with one of the Best buy's most infamous members of the Geek Squad. I was pretty excited seems how I am the least computer/device literate person ever!!!! It is surprisingly extremely helpful. I did not expect much from the consultation and figured I would not learn much more than I already knew. My standards were not very high in the beginning. Although, when I showed up to the visit, right off the bat, the gentlemen was just a people person/pleaser. He actually made me feel very comfortable, when he realized I just realized I know absolutely nothing about my device. Yikes. He basically showed me a whole new device through the one I have been using. I had been missing out on so many features. I could not hep but to think, I need to make a consultation appointment for every device I have. lol I was thrilled to see how much educated he was as well as very professional. I highly recommend the Geek Squad services for any technology reasons possible. I loved it and can not grasp the idea of not having them around to help me out. Its like a personal device assistant. haha..... Anyways I was happy to say, the conference area, location, customer service and over all experience was FABULOUS and FREE. They do offer more detailed classes as well for a small fee, but I for the amount of knowledge and advice they give you, its well worth it. Oh yes one more thing, Not all Best Buy locations have this helpful services so make sure you look up your local Best Buy and make an appointment NOW!!!!