Friday, August 31, 2012

Sibu Beauty's Must Have reviews.....

Who doesn't need a good facial detoxing. I know I do and what better way than with Sibu Beauty's

 Sibu Beauty

Well it's finally here and I am sooo excited to try and share my Sibu beauty Product. I have only heard great things about this up coming company and now its my turn to put them to the test..... literally :)

Sea Buckthorn Cleanse & Detox

Awaken your skin and wash away a day of stress and pollutants with pure, simple and effective Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Facial Soap. This facial bar lathers thick and rich to cleanse, detox, moisturize and repair the skin while creating a protective barrier against UV rays and cell damaging free radicals.

Cleanse & Detox
Sea buckthorn is known as nature's most balanced fruit. This "Holy Fruit of the Himalayas" has been cherished by native Tibetans for centuries for its incredible nutritive qualities. Over 120 specific studies on sea buckthorn have shown that this little berry promotes health. From sea buckthorn's rare abundance of some of the most powerful antioxidants to being the only plant in the world known to contain essential fatty acids 3, 6, 7 and 9 - sea buckthorn has earned its title of superfruit.

  • Cleans and conditions skin
  • Natural astringent
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Revitalizes skin cells
  • Promotes tissue recovery and healing
  • For all skin types
  • 1 3.5 ounce bars
  • 100% natural 

Coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, glycerin, purified water, oatmeal, sodium hydroxide, sea buckthorn puree, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, fragrance orange/lemon, soybean protein, sea buckthorn leaves, titanium dioxide


My Thoughts: 

Today was day 1 of trying the Sea Buckhorn cleanse and Detox soap bar and well let me start with my skin type which is; Fair skin, not to sensitive, slightly dry, not typically oily, blackhead coloney on my nose & chin(exaggerated) and very minimal to no acne or pimples.
I only used it on my face and I have to admit I felt an instant almost relief feeling in my skin, Like it actually might be thoroughly cleansed. It felt like I exfoliated and moisture the much needed ares correctly. I do not feel dry nor do I feel an irritation. I also do not feel the need to moisturize. I kind of like the tighter cleansed skin feeling as apposed to the oily moisturized texture. I was worried about the lathering due to the texture of bar but it lathered well. The smell was okay, I personally am not to fond of it but if that's the only thing i can complain about than geesh.. :) So with that being said I am so far happy with the Sibu Beauty's Sea Buckhorn Cleanse & Detox soap Bar. Lets face it you cant bet $6.95.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

NEW Bzzagent Campaign....

If you have not done so yet, go to and sign up! You will be happy you did. Its full of great things, Testers, reviews, discussions and many more advantages for consumers!

Here is my most recent campaign from BzzAgent and I cant wait to try it out especially since I have 4 boys and 2 dogs in my house. lol I'm hoping this gets ride of there odors... All of them... :) I will be back when I receive them to tell you my thoughts on how well they worked. :)

 Glade Expressions Collection

The Glade Expressions® Collection is inspired by art and designed to be left out on display. These authentic, easy-to-use home fragrance products release scents that open up note by note, filling your home with lightly layered fragrances and inviting life in. The breakthrough line includes two unique, refillable products:

Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist
Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist comes in a new stylish holder that releases a longer-lasting, finer mist of fragrance. The gentle mist creates layers of true-to-life fragrance that opens up note by note. The chic, newly designed holder blends with your décor for a burst of fragrance that’s always out and available. Just squeeze to spray; then refill the holder with your favorite fragrance.
  • The first refillable fragrance mist from Glade®
  • Squeeze-to-release a soft, light mist of true-to-life fragrance that lasts
  • Instantly enhances any room and eliminates odor
  • Refillable with your favorite Glade Expressions® fragrance — so true-to-life, it's as if the ingredients are being cut open right next to you
  • With a removable label, the holder is artfully designed and chic enough to incorporate into any décor
  • Fragrance satisfaction guaranteed or your money back*

Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser
 Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser releases a combination of long-lasting fragrances, without the hassle of electricity. The oil diffuser infuses layers of true-to-life scents throughout even the most open living spaces. The trendy holder matches décor perfectly, making it a convenient and stylish home-fragrance option.
  • The best non-electric oil diffuser for living spaces, delivering 3x more fragrance**
  • Refillable with your favorite Glade Expressions® scent — authentic, exotic ingredients like mangosteen and cardamom spice are unlike anything else in the fragrance aisle
  • Trendy holder (available in bamboo or white) matches home décor perfectly, allowing you to place true-to-life fragrance in any room
  • The intuitive snap-in-place setup makes the diffuser easy to assemble, refill and enjoy
  • The spill-free design fills living spaces with fragrance for 30 days
  • A wide and thin wick releases fragrance slowly, leaving you with consistent fragrance over time
  • Fragrance satisfaction guaranteed or your money back*
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OPI AXXIUM Pretty Pinks & Pales Starter Kit

                OPI AXXIUM Pretty Pinks & Pales Starter Kit

 This has been my newest purchase and let me tell you not only am i excited but so are my sisters. lol They pretty much look forward to anything new i get because its basically a new purchase for them also and vise versa. :)

An industry which has made the commitment of producing premium quality products. 
OPI has long been a leader in the community and within the Professional Beauty Industry. Quite simply, they are dedicated towards excellence.
The founder and CEO of OPI George Schaeffer established OPI in 1981 and since then OPI has strives to give its customers best quality nail products.
However maintaining the top position is not so easy. It also requires accountability and perfection which has been truly shown by OPI. The best quality products and services to the customers is been given to the customers by OPI.

 Will be back with review, pictures and videos once i try it out. Thanks :)

NYX Summer Must and Reviews

As a part time makeup artist/ model, I am constantly on the search for the next best thing—the newest products, the latest trends in colors, and the most cutting-edge tools and techniques. And as a beauty editor, I am constantly being bombarded with brands that are new to me that I want to test out. Although not a new brand (just new to me), I found a brand that is comparable to MAC in its endless options and pigmented colors with prices at a fraction of what we are used to paying (and don’t get me wrong, I am a huge MAC fan and always will be, but I also like options). If you haven’t heard of them yet, I highly recommend you try out NYX Cosmetics.

 With a product line ranging from eye shadows, lipsticks and glosses, eye and lip liners, to base makeup (foundation, concealer, etc), palettes, brushes, and everything imaginable in between it is hard to keep control when making your first purchase with NYX. Since discovering the brand a few weeks ago, I have been back three times already to try more products!

 Just to give you a taste, I’ll give you mini-reviews of a few of the products I have tried from NYX so far.

 This revolutionary compact allows you to grind just enough mineral-enriched powder for one flawless application. The result is a finely-milled, high-definition face powder that, once applied, deflects light, reduces the appearance of pores and smooths your complexion—making you camera-ready in no time. The rest of your product remains fresh and uncontaminated. Available in 6 shades.
Final Thoughts: I love this! This is a grinding powder.  You twist the top of the jar and get fresh powder each time.  This is an amazing compromise between having the benefits of loose powder without the mess.  I received the shade Sand Beige.  Typically I never do well with foundation colors that have beige in the title, but this was a beautiful match and it gives your skin a nice glow.  You can probably get sheer to medium coverage with this foundation.  I apply with a powder brush for sheer daily wear or to set foundation.  You can also use a buffer or kabuki brush for more coverage.  The best part is that you don't have to worry about any oil stains that you might get on your typical powder.  This powder really made my skin look amazing.

                    Soft Matte Lip Cream                                          

soft matte lip cream NYXNeither lipstick nor lip gloss—this is matte lip cream. A new kind of pout paint that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing. Available in 11 lip colors.   

Final Thoughts: 
Today's review is on the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in Antwerp and Milan. They are applied like a lip-gloss, pigmented like a lipstick and dry completely matte. They are difficult to define, to say the least, but are great for us matte look lovers. Both are very creamy in texture and glide onto the lips. After application they dry to a velvet looking matte finish. Once dry, they retain no moisture, similar to a lip stain. This can take up to ten minutes, but once dry they are tough to move and will not transfer. They are incredibly long lasting, with around 4 hours wear time before needing touching up. One thing to note before wearing them is they will accentuate any dryness, so exfoliating and moisturising the lips with balm before applying is advisable. Dry spots on the lips also tends to cause flaking and cracking after a couple of hours.

Designed to be paired with our HD Studio Foundation, this silky makeup primer fills in pores, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and mattifies the complexion for a seamless finish. It also ensures the durability of your makeup, which will last for hours under even the harshest lighting.
Final Thoughts: This primer is a little bit different than the silicone texture ones you may have tried.  It has more of a liquify texture.  The product is a white liquid, but applies clear one you rub it in  Make sure to rub it in well and quickly or you'll see the white residue.  I actually used my hands to do this. When it's drying it's a little bit sticky.  I can see how it would grab onto the product and make it stick.  After applying product on top, it's no longer sticky.  I didn't notice a huge difference in it making my skin look smoother but I do think the texture helps to make your foundation last longer. It does brighten skin rather wonderfully and creates a good, even flawless canvas for makeup. My skin doesn’t automatically look amazing on application but does look stunning after full makeup application as it seems to brighten, ease dullness, and diffuses minor issues creating a smooth, flawless finish. I don’t have larger pores but I’m going to throw it out there and say that this should create a secondary skin for you, concealing larger pores and creating a smoother facial canvas for you to work on! I can’t imagine my makeup life without it, def an essential part of my beauty arsenal from this day forward. Professional quality primer without a drugstore price!

A little bit is all I need to warm up my complexion for a summer look.  Brighten up your skin with any of these Illuminators. The radiant shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow. Gleam through the day wearing any of the three Illuminators for a natural touch of radiance!

Final Thoughts: This was the very first bronzer I ever purchased and it has not dissapointed me! It's very natural with a slight shimmer in the pan that transforms into a bronzey glow when applied to the face. It applies very evenly and easily and can be built up to acheive the look you want. It's huge and even at $15 it will last you an extremely long time, I've had mine for over 9 months and have barely scratched the surface! It's very natural which I like because I can use it all year round.

Last but not least my new favorite and you will know why......


LIMITED EDITION! Captivate and mesmerize with your beauty using the Crimson Amulet collection. This palette inspired by the film “Dark Shadows” comprises of 24 matte and shimmery lush eye shadows, 5 intoxicating blushers, 1 luminous highlighter, 4 succulent lip colors, 1 HD Studio eye shadow base for a more intense eye shadow hue, and 1 extreme black liquid eye liner. Recreate the enticing female characters’ in Dark Shadows using the collection! 

Formula: I don't think I own too many NYX shadows so it was pleasantly surprising to discover how richly pigmented the formula is in this set. They are lush and vibrant and most of all NO GLITTER! Although some shades have sheen and shimmer it is quite unobtrusive and women of any age and skin tone can use these colors on a daily basis. The matte shades are neutral nudes and are all gorgeous! I only swatched a few colors to show you the pigmentation.
Blush: I love that you get five different shades of blush, something for everyone to create many different looks. I also love that they added a deep red blush which you hardly ever find in palettes and I plan on using it as an eyeshadow color. It's really deep and vibrant. The shadows are semi-sheer and look very natural on the cheeks. They were applied heavy for the sake of getting them to show up on the photo.

Highlighter: The highlighter is gorgeous! And next to the red blush and matte shadows, it's my favorite. It is a pale creamy shimmer that delivers just the right amount of glow without glitter chunks.
Lip Gloss: The lip gloss isn't that sticky and the colors have nice pigmentation except they could have been a little more creamier. I don't mind because I hardly use lip gloss in palette sets and these are small so it's not that big of an issue for me.
Eyeshadow Base: The set includes a small shadow base which works really great in enhancing the colors. It's just not that big of a tube but possibly you might fill it up again when it empties out with your own primer.
Liquid Eyeliner: The liquid liner is pretty decent but the formula is nothing special. Still it's nice that it's included as the palette has everything to give you a complete face look.
Packaging: The packaging is gorgeous form the graphic Dark Shadow tree print, to the female character card page showing some looks you can create. The palette is designed to look like a journal and opens up with a snap closure. They could have made the closure more substantial in material. 
Final Thoughts: This gorgeous palette has everything you need to create many full face look's and the amount of product is very generous. It might look like a novelty item for younger girls but the shadows are neutral with matte and shimmers making them truly wearable for all skin tones and all ages. It's jam packed with fabulous colors and a fun design inspired by the movie. I love that there is a hardly ever seen red blush in the set and an all purpose glow powder. 
 If you're looking for a nice selection of eyeshadow in lots of on-trend shades and a variety of finishes, I think this is a palette worth considering. The illuminator and shimmer blushes contain more sparkle, but if you're big on sparkle, I think you'll enjoy them very much. I can honestly say that if this palette hadn't been sent to me, and I knew that there were matte taupes and a matte red blush of this quality inside this palette, I would buy it in a heartbeat. The mini tube of primer is just the icing on the cake, and the unexpectedly beautiful (and wearable) pink gloss makes this palette a hard one to pass up (for me, at least). I love it and I hope you will too, if you make a purchase. You get a huge amount of product for the cost of single shadow or lipstick making it a super value. Grab one for yourself before they sell out. I might be getting more to give as gifts. Who is excited to try this?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August BirchBox is here.....

If you have not heard of BirchBox you are missing out. LOL. Well there are actually quit a few company's having a similar concept, which I will provide Links to at the end of this. BirchBox is the best way to discover new grooming, beauty and lifestyle products. Sample top products from high-end brands, get expert advice, buy new favorites and earn points with every purchase. You pay I think $10 a month (recurring but you can cancel anytime no fees.) You usually get from 4-5 samples can contain full size or deluxe sample also. The items vary form beauty to health to hair and etc.. They also have a points rewards program which is nice. You redeem your points for credit towards products on there online store. Which is everything you've tried and either loved or hated. Personally I have not hated one thing yet and I have been a member for almost a year. :)

Here is what came in my August Box:


Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go Deborah Lippmann’s award-winning, sweet-smelling, totally effective lacquer remover? That same product in handy to-go packets—keep them in your desk for emergency chipped polish removal or tote them with you on your next trip. Each packet contain a “mitt” that has been soaked with The Stripper, a gentle but effective polish remover. The lavender formula has a soothing scent, plus aloe to moisturize nails and cuticle. $12

 My thoughts:

YouthPIXI Beauty Lip Blush 
The inky formula gently stains lips with rich color. All the vivid hues are designed to dry matte and last for hours. Wear the stain alone or layer it under gloss . The stain comes in two shades that complement every skin tone: No. 2 Purity is sheer nude and No. 1 Youth is a soft baby pink.

My thoughts: 


 Schick Hydro Silk Razor  

Made with an innovative compact oval-cartridge head, each razor is equipped with five blades for an incredibly close shave. The blades work with your legs’ natural curves to make shaving tricky spots like your knees and ankles a breeze. Our favorite part? The water-activated moisturizing serum has marine extracts and shea butter and hydrates your skin.   $9.99

 My thoughts:


 900x900Eye Rock Designer Liner  As much as we love winged liner, we’re not so crazy about how much effort it usually requires. Shaky wrists and runny liquid formulas conspire to drain our time and energy, which is why we’re glad we discovered these handy stick-on appliques. Each pack comes with four different designs, ranging from classic cat eyes to bold runway-inspired styles. The stick-on adhesives are super easy to apply and help you create an array of eye-catching looks. Unlike traditional liners, they won’t smudge or fade. $13

My thoughts: