Monday, September 24, 2012

StarLook's Septembers "StarBox" is finally here!

Great News!!
Just signed up for a New monthly subscription with STARLOOKS new "Starbox".. I honestly can not wait to receive my first box not only because I cant wait to see whats in side and I am sure the products are amazing but because I want to do a review for you guys come this september!!

If you have not signed up yet do so, it will fill up fast! Please let them know I sent you. HERE

STARLOOKS present the New Starbox:

Get a monthly subscription/deliveries filled with FULL SIZE products, from high-end Starlooks products emerging gems. It’s the smart way to try and buy new products. Only $15 a month


 This is absolutely a must if you love beauty. You will not be disappointed.

 It's finally HERE... The moment we all have been patiently waiting for.....

September 2012


I am so excited and feel like i have waited sooo long for my first Starbox to come. Just from looks of the package I knew when I opened it up, it was going to be good. I can honestly say Starbox has knocked out a few of my other monthly subscriptions. Now this is not samples of various brands this is strickly Starlooks brand and it contains full sized makeup items. They so far have been so underrated and i am not sure why because my first box was amazing. I will can proudly say I will be continuing my subscription for months to come! I look forward to review monthly boxes, not just for myself but for you all! If you have not signed up I suggest you do so before its to late!Remember it's ONLY $15 a month.... Here is  closer look at how amazing my September Starbox was.........

September is a very special month for us? Why? Because there are not 3, not 4 not even 5 products for you this month… THERE ARE SIX, FULL-SIZED PRODUCTS IN THIS BOX!

We just had to send you one of our favorite products, which is one of our Signature Eye Shadow Palettes. Inside this palette are 5, FULL SIZE EYE SHADOW.

Signature Eye Shadow Palettes

Each shadow is an opalescent sheen of color for the eye base. These colors can be used alone, or combined with any other matte or shimmer shadows from the Starlooks collection, to enhance or alter color!

I have to admit I do like neutral colors a bit better and tend to avoid the pastels. Even though the colors threw me off I was still excited to try the product itself. 
Let me start with WOW... Look like I will be using those pastels. :) ha-ha No really I almost afraid of sharing how incredible these really are especially for there price. Don't miss out.
These shadows are honestly one of the most pigmented eye shadows I have tired in a long time. I use the wet / dry shadow brush to apply, which makes them go on very easily. I often just use one single color at a time and tend to apply different color liner which makes them sparkle / shimmer in the shadow pop out! 
They stay true to there color all day, look fabulous, and are so incredible easy to apply. It is so easy that it can be applied with your finger if that's what you prefer. I know I have a couple friends who insist there finger tip is more accurate than a precision brush! LOL!!! 
The coverage is also build able meaning you can make the color as sheer or as intense as you want. Remembering these are sheer and you can only achieve a certain amount of color! I have found that these also can be used as a great base for all STARLOOKS other shades.There are by far the softest, lightest color but vibrant in shimmer i have come across. But let me just say its not like over baring, blinded by the shimmer. These are honestly the perfect shade for a natural base. I can not wait to try the others! Keeping my fingers crossed for some nudes or neutrals.

                                     Clear Eye Shadow Primer

And, of course we’ve included the perfect item to prep your eye before you use these colors, our Clear Eye Shadow Primer. This will hold shadow for hours, and keep it glistening and vibrant!

Spending all that time and effort on your eye makeup will be blown away unless you have a good base underneath to keep it vibrant and lasting all day. Well I have now just discovered my new favorite Primer for a price you can not beat. 
 I was skeptical of this primer due to its un popularity due to being new and up and coming. As always, I decided to give this a try. With not too high of expectations I was Pleasantly surprised!  
 I didn’t experience any budging, smudging, creasing, or migration when I used this as a primer underneath my eye shadows. Colors definitely didn’t look muted at all, and they held their intensity throughout the day. I applied it the first time with a concealer brush and the second with just my bare finger. It worked better for me when using my finger since i could feel how much was being applied and where since it is so smooth and clear texture.  It is a clear, matte-sh primer that merely smooths over the lid and acts to hold and bond all the eyeshadow together. It definitely "HOLDS" up to its description:  lightweight, extends the wear, smooths the surface, and maximizes color.

Want tips on how to apply these products? Check out the Starlooks YouTube Channel:
WWW.STARLOOKS.COM/STARLOOKSMD for a video tutorial dedicated to this September Starbox!

In this Starbox we’ve included some beautiful “ Eye Jewelry”- Opal and champagne colored Swarovski, flat-back eye crystals! Simply apply with lash glue to compliment the tips or base of your lashes, or frame the eye glistening sparkle.
Thinking of dressing up your eyes for a special night? Maybe a romantic date, anniversary or even a prom? What better way than with "Eye Jewelry". These jewels are so much fun. You can do so many different things with them, that provide fun details to your eye lid that no one else will have.
*Outer EyeI love the look of outer eye Jewelry. A single stone or row of three stones displayed on the outer eye is beautiful. Matching the colors of the stones to your outfit is a cool and dramatic effect. 
 *Inner Eye Jewelry can be equally dramatic. People won't be able to take their eyes off you with your tiny diamond flashing! (Place a small stone on the bottom, inner corner of your eye. 

And don’t forget, every Starbox comes with a mystic quartz crystal. These crystals attract energy, help maintain focus and are the ultimate symbol of beauty! We hope you collect them in a glass jar to create a brush holder for your Starlooks Brushes-enjoy!

MY THOUGHTS: I absolutely love the idea of giving these little crystals out with each box. I think they bring great character, depth and spirituality to each box. I look forward to the enjoyment I ill get when revealing which crystal I will be adding to my collection, with each box.

Here is any addition information needed or given with my AMAZING SEPTEMBER STARBOX.


No doubt you’re excited to dive in and experiment with your new STARLOOKS products. yay! Once you’ve had time to test them and wear them to work, out with the girls, or on your next sexy date, it’s easy to purchase other colors and products at in our online shop.

Need an excuse? There are major perks:

-Free shipping on all online orders under 10lbs. Yep even if you only order one lipstick!
-Super generous Starbox points program. Earn a point for every dollar spent!
*100 points gives you 10 STAR DOLLARS towards your next purchase!
-An easy-to-navigate selection of the best makeup line and hair products recently introduced to the industry!


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