Friday, February 8, 2013

"Hiding in Sunshine" by John &Caitlin Stuart

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Hiding in Sunshine is the work of a father and daughter duo who reside in the immediate area where these fictional events transpire. John Stuart is a successful high tech entrepreneur. Caitlin Stuart is a student and an aspiring writer with a lifelong love of reading and telling stories. This is their first co-authored novel -- and is proof that a teenager and her dad can indeed collaborate amicably and productively!  $19.95 for paperback copy on

Hiding in Sunshine by John Stuart & Caitlin Stuart

MY THOUGHTS: I absolutely was surprised when I finally finished this book. I am a daily reader and have read hundreds of books and I have to say this one was quite interesting! It started off a tad bit slow but by chapter 3 it was pretty much into details and I was hooked. The plot was intriguing and made it hard to put down. I often found my self making spare time just so I can get in another chapter or two. Not to mention it pro-treys real life events that could or possible have happened to someone. It makes it that much more desirable because the factual content is relate able to today's living. With all that being said this was a fantastic book and will remain in my library or even be passed on to fellow book readers so they can enjoy the Father Daughter Duo, "Hiding in Sunshine", as I did. Thank You again to the Father and Daughter duo, who made this as spectacular as it is!(John Stuart & Caitlin Stuart)

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