Monday, May 14, 2012

Started using my NEW Flippio Berio Olive Oil this week and boy is it yummy! I received this product from my favorite BzzAgent. This was a campaign I received and invite for a couple weeks ago but just received the kit. So anyways I used this in my appetizer with balsamic vinegar and bread. I had made pasta which also included the oil and it was amazing. Taste so pure and not oily? Haha if that makes any sense! I have so far used about a quarter of this and I am hoping it never runs out. I can not wait to advise my friends and family of this oil. It has been far the best oil I have used. Please if you have not tried it email me I have coupons.

 If you have not done so yet, go to and sign up! You will be happy you did. Its full of great things, Testers, reviews, discussions and many more advantages for consumers!

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