Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Benefit Blush in Thrrrob

Thrrrob or not?

Okay, So today i decided to try on my Benefit Thrrrob. Which by the way im a huge fan of Benefit products. But to be honest I was skeptical of this color because it just seemed so pale and translucent. I also did a little bit of research on this item and notice that there were quite a bit of reviews which left me feeling a little sad about the outcome of the product.Some say its to light some say it doesn't stay well I don't listen much so i thought id give it try either way. :) 

As you can see today was a very casual day. light on the face makeup as well as just a simple cat eye. But with the help of  Benefit Thrrrob, my face has some life, its actually Thrrrobin.. <3 No, but seriously I do love it. I feel like you can add it on top of bronzer to give you a little color or just wear it plan. 

Okay, so right I'm definitely feeling the Thrrrob blush, yes that's Thrrrob with 3 R's. LOL it gave me exactly what my pale skin tones needed. Perfect amount of pink with a little shimmer but not OVERLY noticeable so i could still apply my highlighter afterwards.

I do not really recommend this for darker skin tones just because it so light, but its definitely a great additive to your blushes. Apply right on top and get the pinky turned on color everyone wants. 


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