Saturday, October 6, 2012

Un-Zip A Wole New World With ZIPZ SHOES

 This has been one of my most favorite items that i've reviewed on my blog. Seriously such a new innovated way of wearing and changing styles of your sneakers! I am glad to see someone finally came out with something useful such as ZIPZ.

Removable and interchangeable shoes, like nothing you’ve owned before! Match any ZIPZ COVERS with any same size ZIPZ SOULS to create one of-a-kind mix and match shoes. Visit our ZIPZ COVERS gallery by zippin’ on over to the Shop ZIPZ tab. Our shoes are handmade to ensure comfort, quality, and reliability. Invented in California, Designed in the U.S.

Okay, so your probably thinking what the heck are these! Well they are the next best shoes for all ages. They have changeable covers, yes I said it, haha, changeable covers so no more buying multiple pairs of shoes in every color. With ZIPZ you can many different style covers and simple unzip and than re-zip and, boom you have a whole new shoe! This is probably the most exciting thing for me and my family since I have some finicky dressers in my home. Who new there was such an amazing shoe concept and for some reason no one knows about it yet! They have tons of different style shoe, sole and covers to choose from including Adult High-Top, Adult Lo-Top, Youth choices and adorable toddler styles! 

Zipz Shoes range in price from $15-$80 and are available at, select department stores, and Planet Sports shops in over 25 countries. For more information, visit
When I first realized I would be doing a review for ZIPZ Shoes I have to admit,  I had been thinking that they would be flimsy and that the zipper would not be able to hold up to it's genius invention. I also thought the fabric would be totally cheesy and looked to much like converese but wasent a converese, ya know. Well anyways I was more than very surprised.

 Oh ya really quick,  I decided to go with the Classic Camo High Tops with an extra changeable cover set in Classic Black-out High tops.

My Thoughts:
Lets start with the sole. The soles are pretty thick in height, probably twice the amount as a converse, so fairly thick. They seemed to be well made, not flimsy in the least bit. In fact they are so thick it makes it hard to bend them at all. Makes the converse look flimsy, lol.  
The Camo covers as well as the black out covers I received, seemed to high quality material. They too were quite thick and seemed to be made with great detail and constructed for durability. 

 Next is the zipper. The most important part of this whole concept. Does it work? Is it cheap? Will it last and are they comfortable? I know, I was thinking the same thing. :)

The zipper is a tight fitting zipper with extremely dense/large/thick teeth. The at first looked a little goofy to me because the teeth are so bulky and child like. But after unzipping and re-zipping and just basically working/breaking in the zipper. I soon realized its made that way for durability. I mean if you change the covers daily, I would hate for your zipper to break or have a short life span. Therefore they are made for the most flexibility/durability possible. The insides sole are very comfortable and due to the thickness it provides a perfect amount of cushion. They are easy to slip on and off and if you got high tops like I did, they do not hurt the back of your ankle in the least bit.
So my overall thought on these is... THEY ARE SOOOO COOOL!!!! I can not wait to get a wider variety of covers to mix and match. I mean Christmas is right around the corner and what better girt than re-changeable shoes for the kids.You can bet the price. 

 Zipz Shoes range in price from $15-$80 and are available at, select department stores, and Planet Sports shops in over 25 countries. For more information, visit


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  1. Sound really cool! Would love to see them in person. Great review!