Friday, October 5, 2012

Get hooked with THE MOMMY HOOK

To all the mothers and fathers who have had that most frustrating parenting moment of, not enough stroller space. Well, I find the next, newest best solution!

The MOMMY HOOK Stroller Hanger
 The Mommy Hook is the perfect stroller hanger. Built to last, lightweight and versatile, the mommy hook fits virtually all stroller handles. The Mommy Hook is made from durable, heavy-duty aluminum; it won't break like cheap plastic hangers. Its rubber guide keeps it from slipping or sliding. Use the mommy hook on your stroller. Use it on your shopping cart. Just snap it on and you are ready to roll. The Mommy Hook easily holds diaper bags, shopping bags, camera bags, groceries, purses, clothes, toys, sports gear, and much more. It's even handy for taking bags from your car to your home.  
The Mommy Hook is only $9.99... BUY HERE



 I recently was introduced to the Mommy Hook through a good friend of mine who notice my constant purse, diaper bag, shopping bags and etc inconveniences. Well low and behold she had been keeping the most amazing product all to her self. LOL... I live in the city and everything we do consist of strollers and walking, so with that being said The Mommy Hook is by far been great contribution to space saving and convenience. And we all like convenience when shopping. :) This hook can be used for holding just about any form of bag there is available. It comfortably can fit and hold just about anything. It has a amazing durability and a nonslip grip for a better stick.

This is a much needed accessory for all parents and could even be used as the perfect gift.  I personally use it to attach my purse the the stroller and a second Mommy Hook to hold my shopping bags. This way I can leave all baby supplies in the bottom of the stroller. I know I hate when my purse is mixed in with the diaper bag and I go to pull out money and out flies a wonderful diaper. Sorry cashier! :) Honestly this is so much more practical than anything I have tried.  Not to mention they come in 4 different fun colors you can choose from..
The Mommy Hook is only $9.99... BUY HERE


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