Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cleava Snap To Bra Cami Review

Let me start by saying, I think we can all openly admit to accidentally performing some UN-necessary breast exposure due to a loose fitted or even low cut shirt. Well I have have…LOL 

Well, check this out! I have found a new simple, smart and stylish way to fix this….  Check it out…………

 Cleava Snap To Bra Cami 

Cleava is a snap to bra camisole designed by a woman for women that can easily be placed on or removed via simple snaps to either accentuate or hide the cleavage area. Many other similar products use adhesive tape or dots therefore garments are not destroyed or an ugly red line left behind on the skin after the product is removed. Cleava applies quickly on or off and does not have restricted use as compared to other products that require the user to re-engineer the placements of adhesive and to continuously purchase adhesive dots or strips. This also eliminates Cleava from creeping up the body causing constant adjustments, too much heat, bulging, protruding visible knots and bumps or making the breasts look deformed. Cleava is more comfortable, cooler and convenient than wearing a tank top under a garment.Cleava is on Sale from $19.95 – $24.95

My Thoughts: 
Well to be honest, at first I was a little worried it was going to be so cheap and something I personally could make right here at home. Than, I thought well I am always in dire need of an under shirt or tank top and can never find one when its needed. I don't know if that's just me or what. Its like I do the laundry,I put my clothes away were they go, but yet those under tank tops just seem to either be gone or stolen. Lol not sure by whom but there never around when needed. I have a very small frame and always worry about my lower shirts as well as loose ones just being well to revealing. I love the idea of the Cleava. Its honestly exactly what I need. A couple different colors of them and I can rid of all my missing under tees. :)LOL
Genius, is all i have to say. I love it. Its perfect. It snaps right on my bra, quick, simple, easy, stylish and so discrete i can apply anywhere. It holds everything in place as well as maintaining and even having the ability to add some style to your ordinary shirt! Perfect for all occasions and even for a holiday gift. I know I would not mind getting one in my stocking this year.... There are tons of different styles and colors you can choose from, check them out here..
Cleava is on Sale from $19.95 – $24.95

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