Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OOFOS Sandal Review.......

Like walking on clouds.......Than check out OOFOS.....

Let me start by saying don't judge a book by its cover. :) OOFOS may look like your ordinary dorky sandal you have seen in a while but honestly they feel so amazing I don't care what they look like. LOL... I hate when I buy sandals that do nothing for your feet but look cute and give you blisters. I am over that. I need comfort people. My poor feet must hate me. Well its about time I took better care of my feet and I find just the right thing to do so.

OOFOS was formed by a passionate group of colleagues and shoe experts experienced in designing, developing and sourcing in the footwear industry.  They share the common goal of challenging the status quo to continually make a positive difference in consumer's lives.
They created the revolutionary OOFOS brand experience powered by an innovative, visionary material called OOfoam. The patented foot-bed design delivers an unprecedented experience because of its unique energy absorption capabilities.  You may think these initial designs look like something you've seen before, but the OOFOS brand experience is like nothing you've ever felt before.

The OOFOS brand experience is powered by the cutting-edge proprietary material called OOfoam. Our technology is a combination of compound and our patented footbed design. Our unique DNA provides an unmatched OOfeel that's energy absorbing.
In fact, test results show OOfoam is 37% more impact absorbing than any existing EVA, the most common material found in footwear.

  OOfoam technology:
• Absorbs shock to lessen pain
• Reduces fatigue & restores vigor
• Delivers unparalleled cushioning to recharge & rejuvenate your feet

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 I decided to review the OOFOS sandals in the OOriginal Thong style. I went with the bright tangerine as it was fun and bold!  It is also available in pink, mocha, and black. Man from the minute I put these sandals on, I never wanted to take them off. I wear them ALL THE TIME when I get home, shopping, cleaning and the list goes on. guy. I probably will end up buying another pair just so my boyfriend will shush up about how ridiculous they look and join in on enjoying the COMFORT! If you are looking for a sandal for the summer, fall, winter and spring that your feet can rely on for support, than look no further than OOFOS.  

BUY HERE: You can purchase OOFOS Sandals for $39.99 at these fine retailers and online soon at their website OOFOS.

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