Sunday, November 4, 2012

NYC Individuals Eyes Dark Shadows review......

I was so excited to receive this in my Influenster Beauty Blogger Voxbox,even though I honestly don't wear shadow theses days. To be honest, I am not the best at applying it or at least making it look it good enough to be seen in public. :)
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I received NYC Individuals Eyes color: 0156-08 Dark Shadows
So once I opened it I realized that the colors weren't as shimmer as they seemed, don't get me wrong that is a good thing. AT first glance they looked a little young for me. Needless to say, they are quite nice. I love the primer base which is applied to eye lid prior to applying the eye shadows to help smooth over fine lines and or any creases. This works great, just as good as top dollar ones I've tried. 
Now the texture of the shadows were also pretty much shocking. Smooth, creamy, light and vibrant in color. I was definitely overall happy with the shadows. They seemed to have lasted a bit longer than your other ordinary shadows and I'm  not sure if that's due to the amazing primer it comes with! The double sided standard sponge applicator it comes with doesn't seem likes twill much of a life span. Maybe a little cheap, but honestly you can't beat this deal :)ESPECIALLY for the low price of $4.99
Oh ya, they also have tons of other color sets that are amazing. I definitely will be looking into purchasing others. 
On a quick side note - I was also really impressed with the directions on how to apply each individual step. 

Thanks again Influenster!!!!!!

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